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Science town Koltsovo

Koltsovo is a town established in 1974 with the Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology Vector, as a mainstay. In 2003 Koltsovo was assigned with the status of the Science town of the Russian Federation due to its strong research and production complex, solid innovative activity, up-to-date research and developments, large proportion of educated and high-skilled residents. Not only is Koltsovo a comfortable place for living, it is also abundant with biotechnology enterprises, elements of innovation infrastructure, including incubator, Biotechnopark, Center for collective usage, and Innovation center Koltsovo. The latest public initiative promotes regional biopharmaceutical cluster with the center in Koltsovo.

The Science town of Koltsovo located in Novosibirsk, Russia is a home to some 50+ biotechnology companies. Their spheres of activity include:

Food and nutrition

Development and production of functional food, cosmetics and feed based on pine needles

Production of probiotic microorganisms for dairy, lysates of probiotic microorganisms for industrial use

Production of bioproducts - probiotics for healthy nutrition, including food products containing 100% of probiotics

Production of healthy food for diabetics, including muesli bars enriched with probiotics

Industrial biotechnologies

Production of microalgae biomass for biofuel and dietary supplements

Development of production of gas and vortex bioreactors for different industries including for stem cells growing and biogas plants

Development of products for petroleum land and water treatment


Development of vaccines and drugs against breast cancer

Production of vaccines against hepatitis A

Development and production of test-systems for early diagnostics of oncology

Production of reagents for ELISA diagnostics of infectious diseases and for medical biochemistry

Production of antiviral immunobiological preparations on the basis of recombinant interferon alpha-2b.

Development of a prototype of drug based on oncolytic strains of Newcastle disease virus

Production of Trombovazim, the first national thrombolytic drug

Production and sale of enzymes and related products for molecular biology, PCR and genetic engineering (DNA ladders, high quality dNTPs and DNA preparations)


Production of ELISA systems for the diagnosis of hepatitis

Production of medical test-systems based on protein immunochips which can diagnose up to 12 infections at once, including hepatitis C

Production of concentrates for isosmotic baths, salts for washing and SPA-wraps, and cosmetics

Development and production of preparations with live microorganisms as active substances.

Agriculture and veterinary

Production of biological preparations based on predacious fungi against parasitic nematode in plants and livestock

Production of bioproducts based on predacious fungi for plants growth stimulation

Production of veterinary diagnostic test-systems and pharmaceuticals

Production of extracts served as a raw stock for cosmetics and food (turpentine, oil and concentrates of sea-buckthorn, pure extracts of fir tree, etc.)

Please see the online version of the annual catalogue on local business: http://catalog.ick.ru